Amazon Alexa Skills Flash Briefing System Course


Ready to get your educational tips, daily deals, sales, workouts, recipes, podcasts, blog content, coaching and more on the devices of millions of listeners?  Enroll in the Amazon Alexa Skills Flash Briefing System Online Course today and get a free downloadable copy of the Alexa Skills Workbook.

What is an Alexa Flash Briefing?

An Alexa flash briefing is a type of Alexa Skill that can be enabled on the Amazon Alexa App from a smart phone or an Amazon Echo device such as an Echo Dot, Echo Show or Echo Speaker. Flash briefings content should be fresh new daily content giving listeners a quick two to five minutes tips, news, interview, workout, recipe or any other “how to” information that can benefit their lives daily.

Echo device owners can listen to your Flash Briefing in the morning, afternoon, evening or on-the-go by saying “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing or what’s my news.”  Alexa will then play all of the flash briefings the listeners have enabled on their Echo device or on the Amazon Alexa App on their mobile device. For example, Home Safety Tips or Financial Empowerment flash briefing skills, makes it easy for listeners to catch up on news and trends first thing every morning.


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