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Terri B. Jones

Terri B. Jones, Founder Of Terri B. Jones Live Is An Author, Courses, Websites, Videos And Amazon Skills Content Creator. Terri Has A Degree In Business Information Systems. Terri Has Worked In IT For Over 34 Years. Technology, Education, And Entrepreneurship Have Been My Passion Since I Was A Teenager With Six Streams Of Income. Terri B. Jones Live Is An Opportunity For Terri To Utilize Her Expertise In Technology, Education, And Entrepreneurship While Simultaneously Impacting The Lives Of African American Women In Our Community Who Can Build Upon And Need These Skills To Be Competitive In A Tech Driven Society.

Terri B. Jones, Email Marketing Content YouTube Channel is where you will find email autoresponder content creation ideas to build know, like and trust for your product/service that leads to sales and profits aka “chit chat cash”.  The email marketing subject line YouTube #Shorts playlist is updated daily so you can start, build and grow your email campaign to support your business.  I am a Babyboomer, Author and Teacher; have worked in the Technology space for over 34 years and looking to retire in the next 3 years.  With this goal in mind after receiving an invite from YouTube to join the YouTube Shorts Beta, I chose to try my hand at it using email marketing content creation ideas.  I love the results and know you will too!


Let’s go back to the future.  I started working part-time as an entrepreneur in 2006 with my first product, custom made kneeling prayer pillows.  So as I was listening to a webinar on how to continue to connect with those who purchase my book, I found out that I needed an email autoresponder.  I initially started out using Aweber and then later switched to since I had connected with someone who hosted free webinars on how to get started with email marketing.   I learned so much and started offering email marketing as a service locally to businesses.  Let’s fast forward.  My first YouTube Channel is all about Amazon Echo Alexa Skills.  I started creating YouTube Shorts for it but it took me too long to come up with ideas for everyday.  So what are YouTube Shorts?  YouTube Shorts videos are 15 seconds catchy videos you can record from your phone and upload to YouTube. 


So I got the big fat bright idea:  Chit Chat Cash!  I wanted to create content that businesses could use in their autoresponder to email their subscribers everyday about their product or service that would increase clicks, opens, sales and profits.  So my Email Marketing Content YouTube Channel was birth.  I have been in this space for a lot of years and on some of the top six and seven figure email marketers list which mail out everyday and even 2 or 3 times a day.  Creating content for these #shorts would be easy peasy.  My normal work hours from my full-time job is 7-4pm.  So I decided to shoot my #shorts at night for two reasons:  I am a night owl and to have the content ready for those who prepare their emails at night to go out first thing in the mornings.  Also, I was determined to get my 100 subscribers as quick as possible so I could get my vanity name. 

For three months, I shoot and uploaded a YouTube #Shorts video and was able to get my vanity name and over 6k views!  Since I love to teach, I immediately created a video and a guide for others who may have heard about YouTube Shorts and thought they had to dance or show their face.  YouTube stats shows that over 2 billion viewers come to YouTube to laugh, learn and connect.


Each night whether sleepy, hungry or tired, you are guaranteed to hear:  “Email Marketing Chit Chat Cash Subject Line for today is”.  The beauty of creating YouTube #Shorts in Beta is that YouTube wanted the videos to be a max of 15 seconds and have hashtag of Shorts in the subject line but as of June 2021, you can now create videos up to 60 seconds, add music and click on the Shorts icon from your phone to upload your Shorts video.  Technology, education, and entrepreneurship have been my passion since I was a teenager with six streams of income.  I look forward to seeing your YouTube Shorts.  Subscribe, Like Comment and hit the notification bell so you never miss a YouTube Short to begin growing your email autoresponder letter campaign that leads to clicks, opens, sales and profits. Youtube Shorts video overview and checklist here