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7 and 10 year old Army kids Chrisette and Milanie Salim spend their Sunday evenings making preview and review videos of Kids Alexa Skills. They love going to their grandma “Chickee” house on Sundays since their mom works every Sunday (Army Vet) and dad serves in the Army in another state.  Milanie’s  interest is coding, Chrisette loves dancing and Chickee is a techie which is the perfect combination for hanging out with “Alexa”.

Sundays at Chickees’ house goes like this:  the clock rings at 7:30am, breakfast is cooked and dinner is prepped.  Off to church we go!  Once we return, we eat dinner, take a nap and then go to the track to exercise.  Well that changed a few months ago.  Now, instead of going to the track to exercise, we hang out with Alexa making videos of Alexa Skills developed for kids to get us moving and have fun.   

It all started 3 years ago when Grandma Chickee, an IT Production Engineer for 31 years won an Amazon Echo device at an all employees meeting.  It sat on the counter until the grandkids came over and begin to dissect it and figured out what it was capable of doing.  A month later, Chickee learned that she could develop skills to enable on the Alexa device.  She even taught Milanie how to develop her first skill, “Cat or Dog Life Facts”.  As a developer, Chickee joined a Facebook group of developers and learned of some really cool skills developed by others for kids.  So, Chickee had this bright idea:  since the grandkids don’t like going to the track, we can incorporate exercise into what they really love doing which is playing on the IPAD, watching videos and having fun with our new girlfriend Alexa. 

The first skill Chrisette fell in love with was the Little Ballet Dancer Skill.  She loves dancing and wants to attend ballet classes but the timing is not right because of her mom’s schedule.  So once Chickee introduced her to the Little Ballet Dancer Skill, she would dance over and over to the skill.  I videotaped her dancing to the skill and posted it to Facebook group.  The developer loved it.  Then the owner of the Crabby Dance Skill asked if Chrisette would do a review video.  So I videotaped her and posted it in the Facebook group.  The owner loved it as well as other developers with kid skills.  Before we knew it, we began to get Facebook Messages from kid skills developers saying how they really enjoyed the videos and could Milanie and Chrisette make preview and review videos of their skill. 

The girls were so happy and honored.  So as we get the request, the girls would listen to the skill first and then Chrissette, miss creativity, would come up with really cool ideas on inexpensive props we could use to make the videos interactive. 

You can find their videos here on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQbX3coSLpA&list=PLNGn6QOhGjvYD4AZa_flEJBe0bT7x4InA

Several other accomplishments in the voice integration space:

Milanie and Chrisette traveled to Savannah, Ga to help youth in the Kidpreneur program learn how to develop Alexa Skills. 

During COVID, They were instrumental in featuring the book "Best Virtual Birthday Party Ever" to help families celebrate their birthday using Amazon Alexa Skills while social distancing. 

They were sought out by Amazon to have a snippet of their Bamboo Math Kids Alexa Skills video in their "video of customers stories that show all of the different ways that Amazon products have helped bring a little more joy and utility into people’s lives.

They worked for their Grandma Chickee business in the summer during covid to earn extra income creating content for several Alexa Skills such as Home Safety, Baby Boomers Financial Strategies and The Life Church.

They are working on several Alexa Skills to publish before the last quarter of 2021.

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